Dinner is 84 euros

An optional cheese course is 15 euros

Spring Restaurant serves a ‘prix fixe’ menu. The dishes are inspired by the market and the French tradition. Daniel Rose and his team love france and all things french. In addition to a team of cooks, servers and sommeliers, there are dozens of different suppliers, producers, and fisherman from all over France who make your meal possible. Dinner is served in 4 courses (3 savory dishes and dessert).

There is no menu or ‘carte’- we simply make you dinner. The only thing you might want to choose is the wine, but our Sommeliers would be glad to choose for you.

The Spring story began in 1998 when Daniel Rose moved to Paris to finish university.  After graduation, Daniel moved to Lyon to learn to cook and enrolled in the Institut Bocuse cooking school. After 6 years of apprenticeship and adventure all over France, Daniel decided to open a restaurant.  Having very little experience running a restaurant he opened the only one he thought he could run properly: a very small one.   After a few years of a consistently full house, Daniel discovered an abandoned skate board shop in the center of Paris and decided to move locations.

On the 14th of July 2010, after two years of renovation, Daniel and his new team moved Spring to its current location and it has since been growing into a proper restaurant.  Spring restaurant is Daniel Rose’s vision of a classic french meal: abundant and excellent products from all over France, attentive service and carefully chosen wines.

While Spring began as a ‘one man show’, Spring is now a team effort with cooks, captains, waiters, sommeliers all united by the same purpose: to please our customers and create an enjoyable moment at the table.

Menu archive

At the first restaurant Spring, Daniel changed the menu daily, doing all of his shopping at the market at the Place des Fêtes, loading up his 50cc scooter and assembling dinner beginning as soon as he arrived at the tiny 26m2 restaurant in the 9th. Today the suppliers are better, the cooks are more talented than Daniel ever was by himself, and a menu takes a month or more to dream up. We change the menu depending on the availability of products, our moods or even the weather. We make meals that we’d like to eat. Simple, seasonal and joyful. Here are some examples.